Responsibilities:Lagos State Waterways Authority

Establish, maintain and regulate the operation of any type of vessels and like carriers, pilot boats, ferries, lines and regular ferry services within the waterways of Lagos state;

Regulate the use of internal waterways by all users including private and common carriers;

Enter into contracts for the maintenance, exploration, superintendence, management and transit of all state and internal waterways and terminals, platforms, piers and jetties with any other person(s), authority, company or such other private operator(s);

Institute and collect water transportation tolls, rates and charges clear and maintain Lagos state Inland waterways free from all obstructions, derelicts, wrecks and abandoned properties and install route buoys gauges, distance boards and markings along the inland waterways of Lagos State

Departments are:

Human Resources/Admin


Procurement (Unit)

Planning /Budget(Unit)

Inter- Auditor(unit)



Public Affairs (Unit)

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